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I just had a really weird dream.. It was me and Crystalyn and Mary and corina?? We were at a beach and got really drunk.. And I woke up the next morning and saw we had posted a picture on Instagram that had “34752” notes (it was a picture of me as wario but a Lolita version and corina was azumarill) and then I noticed my arm was really sore. I think just me and Mary are in the dream at this point but .. I guess my parents were there too and I went to tell my mom hi and then I noticed carvings in my arm? There were words but I can’t remember the words specifically. And from my elbow and out wards there was a giant spiral hollowed out into my arm.. It all looked really painfully but nothing was bleeding…. I also remember going to sleep and someone whispered something in my ear while I was sleeping in my dream.. Sooo eventually I was freaking out like “who did this to me while I was sleeping why didn’t I feel it wtf” and then we found out it was like this evil gang of skate boarders that would put ghb in people’s drinks just to cut them up later… And it was happening to a lot of people and when we confronted one of them he cut my middle finger in half and they wore gloves made out of exacto knives.. Then there was like a corporate woman in charge of them and she shot “the investigator” and … Someone shot her in the head?? And then I woke up really nauseous




Most condoms are made of superthin latex, to help a man forget that he’s wearing one. But the Origami Condom, one of the designs spotlighted by the Gates Foundation, is intended to be felt. Its accordion-like silicone folds allow it to slip onto the penis more easily than a rolled condom, and generate pleasurable friction while in use. The Origami Condom has a roomier tip than a traditional condom and a lubricated interior, which creates additional tactile sensation as the wearer moves—the difference between wrapping yourself in plastic wrap versus silk sheets.
The designer, Danny Resnic, who began working on the project after a broken condom left him HIV-positive, is developing three types of Origami Condoms: a male version, which is still undergoing trials and modifications and which he plans to market as a gender-neutral “outer condom”; a female version, or “inner condom”; and the first-ever anal condom.

That’s amazing.  This man underwent (and is undergoing, unless someone cured HIV without telling me) something awful, and has dedicated time to seeking improvements to a design to try to stop bad things from happening to anyone else.  That’s how you do it.  Kudos, Danny Resnic.




Oh shit.